Monday, November 12, 2012

Use GoAnimate for teaching

GoAnimate is a site that lets you easily create animated videos. There is a free version allows you to make the videos, record your voice, upload your materials and share the video just by clicking your mouse.

GoAnimate could be used for educational purposes, such as teacher presentations, student projects, tutorials, subject training, and much more. It could really engage students a lot, they would have fun when creating presentations, as well as learning the content. It is a effective self learning for students when they try to organize a presentation and follow certain guidelines.

I made the 30s film on GoAnimate within half an hour, it is really a time saving educational tool! I try to use this film to make student recognize some common types of dogs and able to speak out the names in both English and Chinese. I wrote the corresponding English names on each dog's picture by photoshop, then repeat it with Chinese on the next slide in order to enhance students’ memory. After watch the video, I will ask students to read after me in English and Chinese separately. Finally, I will require them to make their own short films to introduce at least five kinds of dogs or cats as homework, and give presentations with their films in the next class.

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