Monday, November 5, 2012

My Digital Storytelling On Bookr

Digital Storytelling is one of the greatest educational tools as I think, it is creative and makes learning relevant and significant to students.

I used Bookr to create two digital stories: Sleeping Pills and My favorite Pet, the first one is a reproduction of a humor story on a magazine, the second is based on my own story. I'll try to use the humor story to let students understand how repeat an existing story to others in a multimedia way: you can grab audiences' attention in a funny topic and vivid language and pictures.

The topic of second one was chosen from themes of short composition, I intend to require students to finish their composition in a fashionable and emotional method, which could be more touching than traditional words displaced on paper. In this kind of topics, students would be encouraged to use their own photos and videos to tell their story. Their storytellings could always be a effective communication pattern.

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  1. I really liked your stories! At my house we have two dogs and a mouse. My daughter loves them all!